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Tasluja Company was founded in 2004 and is currently one of the largest mill factories in the Kurdish region of Iraq. The company today employs 93 workers who are on permanent full-time contracts. The company’s marketing strategy visions that the number of workers will extend to more than 150 workers from February 2018. The company caters to a large variety of clients from wheat farmers across Iraq to The Ministry of Trade in Iraq. The company’s products include wheat flour, wheat bran, poultry feeds and cattle, sheep and fish feeds. This wide array of production has been further advanced with the acquisition of the Betwen Feed Mill Factory. This wide variety of products, quality of goods and service and the company’s reputation in Iraq has anchored Tasluja Company to become a prominent entity in the field of wholesale production of wheat and animal feed.

Tasluja Company is willing to utilise its market presence to become one of the biggest traders and regional agents for poultry and cattle nutrition in the Arabian Gulf. In order to accomplish this, the company’s management underline the importance and essentiality of creating a branch in the UK to enhance its marketing position in the Gulf region in order to exploit the reputation the UK companies enjoy in the Gulf states for the quality of their goods. Utilising the Betwen Feed Mill Partnership with the Devenish Feed Nutritions Company (located in Belfast, Northern Ireland, which supplies the company with feed nutrition) and other producers in the UK , Tasluja Company will be able to position itself as one of the largest in the Middle East specialising in animal feeds, wheat flour mills and potential consultancies.